Swainson’s hawk with bats by ari1982

During my trip to New Mexico back in September, I spent some time photographing Swainson’s hawks at a bat cave. Every evening, millions of bats come out of this cave in pursuit of insects at a lake nearby, the flock of flying bats paints a dark trail in the sky stretching for miles as far as the eye can see. Swaison’s hawks approach from above diving at bats. The bats can only detect what’s in front of them by echo (they can’t quite see) so the hawks can easily snatch them from behind. Each hawk consumes tens of bats in flight until it is full. Photographing at this location was extremely challenging as the bats came out minutes before the sunset and with thick clouds in the sky, I started shooting at ISO 5000 and after a few minutes I was at ISO 50,000!, Almost like shooting flight shots at night. I was surprised my camera was even locking focus in such low light. Predictably, keepers were few. Nevertheless, this was an impressive sight and an experience like nothing else.

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Gotham by JacksonCarvalho

Skyline of Manhattan from Liberty Park
this panorama was made with 16 photos taken with a hasselblad H4D 40 with exposure of 16 sec, f / 16 ISO 100, 80mm HC lens. In post production I worked in LAB mode, applying sharpening only the luminance channel in the following section mixing channels. For converting to black and white used NIK SilverEfex Pro 2, creating two layers with masks edited. For blue toning used a ColorLookup layer in Blue Tone. The High Resolution Image has 16246x400px at 300 dpi.

And photo editing: Jackson Carvalho
© 2015 All Rights Reserved
best viewed in black

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Balancing act… by OferLevy1

This Grey-headed Flying Fox was captured while performing a “belly dipping” which is how they drink. After skimming the water while flying they lick the water absorbed in their fur. This is usually done at dusk and night but on very hot days when the temperature reaches around 40 degrees they drink during the day.

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