Samtfußrübling by Poecky23

Der Samtfußrübling wachsen meist in Büscheln an totem oder lebendem Holz. Die frostresistenten Pilze wachsen überwiegend im Winter und gelten als essbar .

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Before the snowstorm by MaxConradPhotography

A cold and snowy morning almost one year ago in the black forest. Only a few minutes after taking this photo a bad snowstorm arrived at the mountain top which reduced the visibility to a few meters – the scenery changed from peaceful morning silence to arctic hell within a few minutes. That was an awesome experience.
Meanwhile in southern germany we are still waiting for the winter to arrive having temperatures of about 15°C and getting ready for some barbecue on christmas 😉

Happy holidays all 🙂

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Autumn silence by MartinKrajczy

Panorama shot out of seven single frames. This is a typical weather situation in late autumn / early winter in Germany. The last leaves (mainly orange) on the trees and the red / brown leaves on the ground are a great contrast to the misty situations in the forest. In some years we have many misty situations in other years these weather situation are rare. This is a re-mastered shot from 2013. The current weather situations doen´t allow such shots…too warm and rainy conditions.

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Golden Sunset by TobiasRichter

Yosemite – Valley View by john-win

Valley View, Yosemite National Park, California, USA. Taken during my roadtrip some weeks ago.

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