Underneath The Bridge by vsquared_photo

Sometimes you can meet a photographer who you just have an affinity with, who shares your passion, you bounce ideas off each other, and grow together. I finally got to go shooting with such a person, after almost 4 years of waiting. Tascha from New Zealand, who came to SF to see this beautiful City by The Bay for herself. I knew I wanted to take her to the Bay Bridge at sunset, so I asked a couple of friends where the best spot was. I took her clambering down a very steep hill to where I thought was the perfect spot. We set up and shot a few frames before the sun set we realised we didn’t need to climb all the way down the hill after all! The best spot was actually at the top of the hill!
How to make an impression lol. So “Here We Are”! Thank you for stopping by and cheers!

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Super Moon over Bay Bridge by rajeshgathwala

Supermoon over the bay bridge. this is a composite of 2 exposures – one fo rthe moon and the second for the bay bridge. fo leave your feedback on how you like it. Have a great day friends!

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San Francisco Sunset by LindaEdgecombPhotography

about 2 seconds later in my series of this sunset .this i included the pier corner for my foreground elements ..^_^ thank you dear friends.!! ❤

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Bay Bridge Sunset by LindaEdgecombPhotography

The Bay Bridge is the longest high level bridge in the world and 8 1/4 miles long The brilliant. Architects are – Charles H Purcell, Arthur Brown jr.,Timothy L Pflueger, John J Donovan. thank you dear friends .I am glad you enjoying this series of lovely San Fran from one of my past trips! Have an awesome weekend! ^_^

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Night at the BB!!!….. by jvphoto

Hello My dear friends,

How are you doing?

I have composed many many pictures at this place. But till date, this is one of my fav of BB, specially the exposure on the water/sea with the silky effect and three front line pillars(scaling factor of the bridge), positioning of the pillars….etc…Till now i didn’t hit the same atmospheric effect(foggy, windy mix with lights)… and hope i will see one for this winter…

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It is a Light & Fog love story…..!!! by jvphoto

Hello, My Dear Friends,

Have a fantastic new week ahead, another one from my old folder. No time to process the new ones… Hope you like it.

It was most dramatic night and i was lucky to capture many composition that day.

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When Night wakes up….!!!. by jvphoto

Have a Wonderful Wednesday my dear friends.

This is mono version with my fav tone of the colored version which i have posted sometime back. The settings are different. Hope you like it.

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City of Clouds by fzaidi

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Another one from the series of the rare event that happened this June. The fog behaved very well and stayed at the right level from the blue hour all the way to sunrise. The red tones in the foreground are the lights from the Golden Gate Bridge.

This is a single shot cropped in panorama composition. Thanks for viewing.

Forecast by Escaype

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City Silhouette by eyeonthebay

In late winter the sun drops right above the city of San Francisco from Yerba Buena Island. The tide was extremely low this day allowing me to shoot right on the shoreline.

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