Cecilia- The Boxer by naturbilde

Wild Grizzlybear from Alaska

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Tetons Cold Band by eyeofalens

Tetons Cold Band

An old file given a fresh take to empthasize the cold -12 morning & band of cold light seen running across Jackson Lake

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Winter by eyeofalens


Felt like sharing a cold image so here is Winter …actually it was a cold autumn morning in yellowstone national park, same morning I & others had to leave as some politicians decided it would be a good idea to have a government shutdown ….bizarre to say the least

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Come Play by DebbieTubridy

As with all young, polar bear cubs couldn’t be more adorable. They’re so curious and inquisitive and clumsy as they roll around in the snow … kicking their legs, tossing up in the air whatever they can find. Like our own children, it doesn’t take a fancy toy to entertain these guys. 🙂

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Unforgiving by chasedekker

A polar bear stands alone amongst a desolate and bleak landscape in the frozen seas of Svalbard. Even with his seal carcass, he will eventually have to leave the certainty of his ice floe and swim miles in search of his next meal.

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Bobby Socks Storm Brew by eyeofalens

Bobby Socks Storm Brew
I have been wanting to re-visit some files captured in 2103 while briefly in Yellowstone before that rather infamous capitol hill shut down, scuttled my trip plans.
Here is an image from a file for whatever reasons I’ve previously overlooked. Likely prefered a slight variation of where the water course started. I remember quickly taking these shots, as about 30mins before this one of the park rangers tolerantly said to me you really need to go back to your camp ground ( as the park was officially closed & we were to vacate the next day )
Wished I could have returned the next day as there was 6-8inches of snow overnight..

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