Hope by Like_He

Two photo staking, 24-70 L ii at 24 mm for the foreground, 70-300L at 300 for the clouds. CS6 with Detail extraction and Procontrast filter to bring out fine details of the clouds. Then it was brought in to LR6 to mannally desaturate all colors except red.

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The Other Side of the Shore by Like_He

Two photo stacking. A 24-70 L lens with 30S long exposure for the foreground, then a 70-300L lens at 300mm for the clouds. Used Detail extraction and Procontrast filter from Nick then manually desaturate in Lightroom.

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The Cell Phone Photographer by Like_He

I was hesitant to upload any portrait photo to 500px. In the past few months, the 500px has become the show case gallery for Russian photographers and their beautiful models. Their beautiful models consistently beat even the most beautiful landscape photos I have seen and dominated the first roll of the front page.

Well I’m married and hiring a beautiful model to shoot portraits is out of the question (putting my life in danger). But I don’t believe a good portrait is all about beautiful models. It’s about telling a story, provoke memories and emotions. Well there is no beautiful model here (no face is shown) but I just find myself very happy with this one. Regardless, I don’t expect much of posting this one, I just wanted to share this photo that I liked very much. I hope the 500px viewers can prove that not all of them are after beautiful looks.

This photo was taken at the scenic outlook right next to the freeway where you can overlook the mountains of the Rockies.

As usual, press M for full size view!

via 500px http://ift.tt/1HSRPuT