Hope by Like_He

Two photo staking, 24-70 L ii at 24 mm for the foreground, 70-300L at 300 for the clouds. CS6 with Detail extraction and Procontrast filter to bring out fine details of the clouds. Then it was brought in to LR6 to mannally desaturate all colors except red.

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Church by Rericha

Photo of the autumn Dolomites.

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Quiraing, Isle of Skye by YuriFineart

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Taken last summer on the Quiraing, Isle of Skye, Scotland. The place really is magical and absolutely breathtaking, if I could only visit one spot on the Isle of Skye it would be the Quiraing. I’ve taken the photo just before the heaviest rainfall I’ve ever witnessed in my entire life, everything was soaked but luckily my camera survived. The mixture of perfectly soft and even light, the amazing storm clouds and of course the framing / location itself make this to one of my favourite pictures I’ve ever taken. The photo was taken with a canon 600d and 18-55 IS II kit lens.


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