Goodbye Summer by kuekat_Dave

Summer has gone, fall has begun. A little tribute to summer.

Thanks a lot for all of your support on all my previous work.

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s-l-u-r-p by by_shan

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They are called “Ruby Throated Hummingbird” because adult male has iridescent ruby red feather in the neck area. The Gorget is vivid red when light is hitting it at a straight angle but most of the time it is muted color (like the one shown).

I always wanted to capture male hummers in action as they are obviously more colorful, for some reason I don’t have many male hummers in my yard as they always get chased away by females :). This guy showed up the other day so I snapped a few. He is not the prettiest male hummer in my yard and also has a combat wound in his chest, I also didn’t catch him with a front light, probably not my best capture but nevertheless happy that I finally have a BIF of male hummer.

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