The colors of nature by Natureimages

I hope you will enjoy it.

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Red Beijing by JulienFolcher

This the last amazing sunset I got to see from my apartment window in Beijing before moving out… The light was incredible.

The afternoon was very polluted, but right before sunset it started to rain a little and the fresh wind from the mountain started to clear the pollution.

I really hated polluted days in Beijing, but under certain condition it could give the sky some crazy colors… I saw an article a while ago saying pollution was giving Beijing some Mars – like sunsets, this is one of them.

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午门 by JulienFolcher

Photo from my last visit at the forbidden city before i left Beijing. I was lucky enough to get a nice sunset over the meridian gate.

The emperor believed that the meridian line went right through their palace, making it the center of the universe.

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The Golden Mountain Great Wall by hub169

the great wall in Jinshanling(so called Golden Mountain ) , one of the most beautiful great wall in China, the rising sun deyed the grey wall to golden color…if you like photography, you like China, like history and landscapes in China, this is a must-go place …

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Endless city by JulienFolcher

Taken from the old CCTV tower in West Beijing. It is an amazing location and probably the only place where you can realize the gigantic scale of the city.

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国家大剧院 by JulienFolcher

After a visit to the forbidden city I decided to go to the national theater to take photos at the end of the blue hour. This has been pretty much a game of hide and seek with the security guards. There is a fence all around the reflection pool edge, making it impossible to get close to get the maximum reflection possible.

There was 2 security guards, one shouting 请出去! (= get out), the other one being more relaxed, even indicating the exact point of the central axis for perfectly symmetrical photos. I basically walked around quickly placing my tripod on the edge and triggering a long exposure while the guards was covering the other side, trying to always stay on his opposite side 😉

The architect is one of my countrymen, Paul Andreu.

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