The soul of the Alps by StefanHefele

What is it that makes the Alps and mountains so fascinating? For sure it´s their unimaginable dimensions. The depth, the expanse. The dangers involved stimulate and challenges our primary instincts. But the sheer beauty that a mountain massif radiates is hard to put into words and will fulfill me in 2016 even more intensive.
Join me on this adventurous path.

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Queen of the Allgäu Alps by TobiasRichter

The Höfats – The Queen of the Allgäu Alps in southern Bavaria is one of the prettiest peaks in Germany and I was really impressed to catch it in this great light.
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Obersee by dfphoto1

Der Obersee an einem wunderschönen Tag im Oktober.
Allen einen schönen Start in die neue Woche 🙂

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Maria Schnee by dfphoto1

Die Wallfahrtskirche Maria Schnee in Obermauern im Virgental in Osttirol.
Aufgenommen an einem wunderschönen Tag im Oktober
Schönen Sonntag Euch Allen 🙂

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