Engeratsgundsee by der-rheinlaender

Im Nebelhorn-/Daumengebiet liegt er, dieser wunderschöne und beachtlich große Bergsee (1876 m hoch), der über das Hintersteiner Tal zu erreichen ist.

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Green Alpine Treasure by ConstantinFellermann

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F E L L E R M A N N – P H O T O G R A P H Y

After a three-hour hike, we did this summer, we were able to enjoy this fantastic view of the Schrecksee at 1813m. During the climb, it was still very cloudy, but when we reached the top it cleared up and the sun showed up for a short time.

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Autumn Fire by kilianschoenberger

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Total contrast to yesterday’s muted nightshot. Sorapis lake surrounded by autumnal larch trees shortly before the weather changed and light snowfall began.

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Alpine Treasure by StefanHefele

“Alpine Treasure” – Dolomites

Isn´t it mindblowing when mother nature drives at full speed?! What I was able to experience here in the Dolomites is so unique. Like a tribute to our planet with all its fascinating facets. It´s not only the place itself, it´s also the track that leads to this pearl that took my breath away at times.


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