The Horse Whisperer by Dylken

Horsehead Rock Bermagui, NSW

This image was taken on an incredible night photographing the milky way rise behind the well know rock formation, Horsehead. Big thanks to Adam Williams and Luke Tscharke who I spent that weekend shooting up the east coast with. Luke also lent me his Sony A7s for a few shots and this is one of them. Taken at 8000 ISO I was pretty impressed with its performance. This was the very last frame I captured before the tide became too high and we managed t escape just in time.

This post is dedicated to Jeff Swanson. For those that knew Jeff either personally or online knows he always brought joy and laughter to all of us. He was unfortunately taken too soon by Melanoma about a year ago, but his images live on and if you happen to enjoy his images please do purchase one of his prints. All proceeds from his website will go to the Melanoma Research Foundation.

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Fire Breather by Dylken

Horse Head Rock, Bermagui, NSW

As always this looks better on a black background.

Horse Head Rock has to be one of the coolest sea stacks I have seen. Taken during a weekend trip down the coast of NSW with Luke Tscharke and Adam Williams where we were lucky enough to witness a gorgeous sunrise along with a few other photographers that morning.

This is a single RAW exposure processed 4 times for shadow and highlight detail and blended. Then a final shot for the birds blended after that.

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