Dust Babies by DianiRalph

As a follow up to my last photo, these are the babies having their dust baths.
They had been removed (reluctantly) from a swamp by their mothers and spent quite a while sitting and “complaining” to each other about the end of their play time.
I am hoping to get back to Amboselli soon with my newest lenses as there is no lovelier photo than the Elephants in the swamp at the foothills of Kilimanjaro !!

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Double Trouble by DianiRalph

These two little bundles of cuteness were just pulled out of the swamp that they had been playing in by their respective mothers. How they sat and seemed to complain to each other about having had their playtime curtailed was hilarious. Five minutes later there was a lot of dusting going on and the herd then sauntered away from the swamp.

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Deadly Beauty by DianiRalph

This lovely Leopard who has obviously been to modeling school was nevertheless very shy and stayed at the absolute extreme end of my lens capability!!
Photo taken in Tsavo West Lumo Consevancy.

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Hanging Out by DianiRalph

Another of the iconic Tsavo Red Elephants. I unfortunately was not able to zoom out any further to get more of the background in, but the nonchalant trunk hang is one of my favourites.

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Red Giants Pano by DianiRalph

Some of Tsavo’s iconic “red elephants” with the outlines of Voi and Kasigau in the background.
Of all Kenya’s elephants, the ones in Tsavo are by far the most spectacular, both in size and colour.

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