Hovering King by MaxRinaldi

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Flying into the new year….Happy 2016 !! by mennodekker

Here another shot for a stellar sea eagle shot during our great trip to Japan this year. Wishing everybody a great 2016 may all your dreams and wishes come true !!

Please click on it to see it on black !!!

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My eyes on you by alerossiniphoto

Close portrait of a beautiful Pygmy owl

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cuckoo Cuculus canorus by ErikMuller1

landing by melchiorre_pizzitola

thanks to all!!

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Puffin in Flight by WildPlanetPhotoMagazine


In February this year, Richard Peters took a picture that would win awards in two of the world’s biggest wildlife photography competitions. He reveals the careful planning behind his celebrated image, his hopes for his new eBook, and why he believes you don’t have to travel to exotic locations to get great photos… (Interview by Keith Wilson)

Image © Richard Peters
In order to more dramatically capture the back light filtering through the wings, a very slow shutter speed and panning technique was used.

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