Flying into the new year….Happy 2016 !! by mennodekker

Here another shot for a stellar sea eagle shot during our great trip to Japan this year. Wishing everybody a great 2016 may all your dreams and wishes come true !!

Please click on it to see it on black !!!

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One of My Faves by achiganito

Unity, Faith and Decipline by arshadashraf1

This is the picture of Russian Mallards. I had captured this picture on one of the famous lakes of Pakistan named Hanna Lake in Quetta. These birds travel from Russia to Baluchistan in winter season. You can see the frozen water of the lake in the picture.

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Pirate of the forest by MaxRinaldi

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cuckoo Cuculus canorus by ErikMuller1

Feel the Nature. by arshadashraf1

Eversmann’s redstart redstart is a bird belonging to the genus Phoenicurus, a genus of redstarts. It was formerly classified in the thrush family Turdidae but is now placed in the Old World flycatcher family Muscicapidae. This is a beautiful bird to capture.

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