Red Napped Eagle by arshadashraf1

This is the picture of red napped shaheen. This is basically the bird of High Mountains Area and like to fly higher and have a great eye. The perfection of this eagle can be seen while hunting.

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-I stand alone- by Andrea_Mastronardi123

Poor little owl standing alone on his trunk. Shot while I was riding my bike, I took my camera out of the bag and…click! He/she looked to me and the immediately flew away.


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European Roller -2 by arshadashraf1

The European roller resembles a crow in size and build, but has stunningly colourful plumage, very unlike a crow. The head, neck and underparts are light blue, whilst the upperparts are brownish-orange. When the wings are extended the brilliant azure blue leading edge and the contrasting black wing-tips can be seen. A short, thin black stripe runs through the eye and the tail is greenish-blue with a darker base. There are two subspecies of the European roller; Coracias garrulus semenowi differs from Coracias garrulous garrulus by being slightly paler

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Sauté by khanmunzir

Shot this bee-eater on a summer morning with soaring Dubai heat and humidity the bee-eater was weather beaten but yet preying 🙂

The bee-eaters are a group of near-passerine birds in the family Meropidae. Most species are found in Africa and Asia but others occur in southern Europe, Australia, and New Guinea.

Bee-eaters predominantly eat flying insects, especially bees and wasps, which are caught in the air by sallies from an open perch. While they pursue any type of flying insect, honey bees predominate in their diet

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I Need Your Loving eye. by arshadashraf1

This is the picture of Common Rock Thrush. In the mountains of Baluchistan there are many Kind of birds which are beautiful, unique and different. This one is really the true representation of nature.

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