Each has his own story by carasionut


Photo manipulation based on my own stock photography.

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Bison of Yellowstone by westlight

Close-up with a bison in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming captured during one of my photo tours I offer each year. An amazing place to see and photograph, especially in winter. Only 2 guest per tour!

Winter in Yellowstone Photo Tour: One spot open on semi-private tour for Jan. 17-22, 2016 dates

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The Last of the Mohicans by pjkrebs

The last European Bison died in the wild in 1919. There where only 50 specimens left in zoos across the world.
It was saved in extremis thanks to a reborn project accomplished by zoos, and now the population has grown to an estimated 4000 bison.
Today, zoos have become the last chance for many endangered species.

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A Bison Encounter by jeffclow

When this young bull bison raised his head and stared straight at me earlier this year, I felt a instinctive rush of fear inside my being…

I knew it was very unusual for him to raise his head above his shoulders and I also knew that this move was precursor to a charge.
My heart was pounding as I tried to get a focus lock on the eyes while my brain was telling me to get behind the car.
He was about twenty five yards away and he was looking me straight in the eye.
I felt scared. I felt alive. I felt the fear of generations of genes inside me that had laid dormant all these years.
One second, calm. The next second, fear on a primal stage that touched every nerve ending. Fight or flight.
Fight or flight….
Were you there for a minute with me?
I hope so.
That’s the magic of photography. It can transport you to another time and another place in an instant.
And then you’re back again…

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