MAESTOSO… Alstroemeria by magdaindigo

I love my images to be crisp and sharp, so that you can see all the beautiful detail. I am a photographer of a dying breed? Proper photography? No scratching, no filters, no messing? Just the art and skill of the medium?
However I also like playing with dof mow and then… it depends what the flowers ‘tell me’, LOL!
Promise, I don’t talk to flowers, they talk to me and I gladly listen!
Each flower seems to have a different ‘personality’ which I’m trying to capture.

Alstroemeria, the genus named after the Swedish baron Alstrˆmer who brought them back from a trip to South America in 1753. Also called the Peruvian Lily or Inca Lily, is a South American genus of about 50 species of flowering plants. Almost all of the species are restricted to one of two distinct centers of diversity, one in central Chile, the other in eastern Brazil. Species of Alstroemeria from the Atacama Desert of Chile are winter-growing plants while those of Brazil are summer-growing.
The flower, which resembles a miniature lily, is very popular for bouquets and flower arrangements in the commercial cut flower trade. They have a vase life of about two weeks.

Have a lovely day and as always, THANX, M, (*_*)

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