Fearless Black Drongo: God Sent Protector? by RiazSiddiki

These days our grasslands are full of black drongos – adults and young ones. I have always admired this bird’s agility and maneuverability in air while catching insects on the fly. Drongos are said to be very aggressive and fearless birds. Mere 28 cm in length, they are known to attack much larger species that enter their nesting territory, including crows and birds of prey (hence it’s other name “king crow”).

“Their habit of driving away predators from near their nests is believed to encourage other birds such as orioles, doves, pigeons, babblers, and especially bulbuls, to nest in the vicinity. In one study 18 of 40 nests had red-vented bulbuls nesting within 10 metres. An abnormal case of a red-vented bulbul feeding the chicks of a black drongo at their nest has also been recorded.” (Wikipedia)

Perhaps this one thing only makes me respect Drongos even more “it provides protection (even indirect) to so many other species in breeding times”. I’ve begun to love drongos ☺

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Morning stretch ! by Zahran_CR

Black drongo from Pakistan

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