The Right Light by nsell112

Taken at Waipio Valley at sunrise the light and waves were perfect on this morning. Nothing better starting your day off than swimming in the ocean at sunrise shooting wave images.Aloha Nick

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Sex on the Beach by christianlim

Iceland, ended a great tour with new found friends with THOR Photography run by, will be uploading some “not so usual shots” at least from the way I used to shoot the locations on our tours. Changing things it a bit!

This was taken handheld 6 inches off the ground on a pc of Ice submerged on the shoreline, had to do this very quick as one wave coming in would push this ice towards me which would basically be the end of me and my gear. Hope you like it!!!

feel free to share!

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Incoming by christianlim

starting a tour this afternoon, clear skies and a level 5 aurora alert…. looking good for the next few days for hunting northern lights

join us:

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Entourage by christianlim

inspired by my all time favorite tv series… vince, e, johnny, turtle… ari gold fifth one on the back???? ring a bell? anyway some of you will get it ­čśÇ

take from the Ice Beach moving just a couple of feet in between shots, this is I think where I turned around for a quick sec and my gear smashed on the ice… clumsy… ­čśÇ

anyway its all in the fun of it…. didnt bother me one bit except for the fact that I had to visit the shop again to buy the filters

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Beach Bowling by christianlim

waves coming in washing all the fragments out could not shoot a bit more left due to all the spray and wind blasting all over the camera but had some breaks that were cooperative

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Gold Hues of Brei├░amerkursandur by PatrickMarsonOng

I guess it’s safe to say that there is ice at the end of the rainbow! Agree???? Lol!

The amazing ice beach, a definite must see place when you visit Iceland. Diggin that ice and wave combo all the time. Hope you don’t get tired of seeing it. Have a great week! Cheers guys!

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Ice Fever by christianlim

more ice shots…. apparently this is what ive been mostly been active on when in iceland… this november and december will be sure to take out the camera on the other locations…. when i can ­čśÇ

someone took my filter back so I was shooting with a couple of long and short exposures

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Lights of Vestrahorn by tchebotarev

On our #500pxIcelandTour there was a day we got lucky with the light, and witnessed Vestrahorn with a beautiful golden glow over a thin layer of a few evening clouds. The grass is green (which doesn’t happen for long), and the views of Vestrahorn are as breathtaking as always.

Love Iceland.

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