First Sight by kaunisto_pasi

This was more or less the first sight I saw the Supermoon a week ago during Lunar Eclipse. The Lunar Eclipse had already started when the moon came into sight over the skyline of San Diego downtown. Sunset was just minutes earlier still providing glimmering light to glass towers. The Blood Moon was an awesome sight during total Lunar Eclipse.

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Super Bloodmoon by lightpix

I´ve planned that shot for several weeks and yesterday morning the “weather gods” seemed mild mannered: perfect conditions for photographing the super blood moon (total eclipse).
I only had to overcome my weaker self to get out of the bed at midnight to be punctually on top of Pockkogel 2807m (Tyrol, Austria).
Together with my wife and photo-buddy Nikolaus Haselwanter we had a lot of fun, though it was quite stormy, cold and we had to take care not to tip over the edge on that small peak.

If you are a kind person you check it out on black! 😉


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Blood Moon Castle by EmmanuelCoveney

Composite photo – Thank you so much for viewing my images!
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Supermoon Lunar Eclipse from Johannesburg SA by microtoxic

A composition of the #‎SuperBloodMoon‬ as seen from South Africa near Johannesburg.


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There Will Be Blood by AaronGroen

Last night’s “super blood moon”

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