Blue Christmas by Rich_Devant

I’ll have a blue Christmas without you.

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Fog in Dubai v1.2 by Zohaibnjum

One of my own personal favorite shot since its winter in Dubai i would like to post more of fog shots. This shot was taken right before sunrise blue hour is almost about to end fog was there from 4am to 7 am i have enough time to capture each & every moment you dont need to hurry or panic fog will remain there for 2 to 3 hours i wish everyone get this experience GOOD LUCK.

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Bluehour View of NYC by brownfieldj

Thanksgiving holiday was fabulous. We spent the week in and around Manhattan taking all the standard NYC images and looking for our own unique view of this amazing area.

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The Evening Essence by LorenzoNadalini

Vernazza – Italia

I feel the atmosphere of this little fishing village at this time of the day. When the evening comes with its blue hands, slowly pulls away the light and makes us wait until the next morning.
It’s always a pleasure to have the opportunity to enjoy such wonders of nature.
Every time so simple, but so magnificent…


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Icy Blue by Rich_Devant

This was taken just as the snow began to fall during the blue hour. I edited it to highlight the blues and beauty of winter. The view, which overlooks the Brandywine Creek, is located in Wilmington, Delaware.

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