Solitary by JayDaley

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I had left Lake St Clair National Park after my snow hike into and back from Dove Lake and made my way to the east coast with the intention of shooting sunrise at Kelvedon the next morning.

After 3 hours of dodging Kangaroos and other wildlife I arrived at the beach to a remarkably clear sky, which was not doing much for my hopes of an interesting sunrise the next morning. According to the car the temp outside was -5 and I still needed to set up my tent and get a few hours sleep but this clear sky above me was just too appealing to not try my luck before settling in for the night.

The first sight of dawn eventually came and it was cold, my sleeping bag was warm and I was feeling rather uninspired after seeing nothing but stars just a few hours earlier.

I unzipped my sleeping bag and there it was – cloud. The beautiful high and mid cloud that us photographers dream about.

The breeze on the waterfront was bone chilling and there wasn’t another person to be seen or heard. With my tent in the background and this desolate and cold beach all to myself I was really alone.

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