Showing off by kawasemi1

Brown Pelicans in bleeding season in Moss Landing in California. Isolation could have been better. But among series of shots of these 2 pelicans, I like the shape of the wings despite some overlappings and the beak got cut off slightly by the rocks.
“Brown Pelicans are huge, stocky seabirds. They have thin necks and very long bills with a stretchy throat pouch used for capturing fish. Their wings are very long and broad and are often noticeably bowed when the birds are gliding. In breeding plumage, the back and sides of the neck turn a rich, dark reddish-brown. Brown Pelicans live along southern and western sea coasts and are rarely seen inland. They nest in colonies, often on isolated islands free of land predators.” Except from Cornell lab of Ornithology ( )

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Honey, I am back ! by Zahran_CR

Blue tailed bee eater from Pakistan.

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