~ A New Day ~ by DavidGomes1

It’s a dawn, it’s A New Day, it’s New Year, it’s a new life,
For me.
And I’m feeling GOOD.

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~ Migic hour ~ by DavidGomes1

Magic hour from the majestic bridge Vasco da Gama!
Have a nice weekend!

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~(New) Golden Day ~ by DavidGomes1

The new golden and fantastic day is just starting from bridge Vasco da Gama!
It was a phenomenal and remarkable moment!
Have a nice weekend!
Enjoy and vote!
Thanks a lot for your kind support and comments!

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~ Closed moment ~ by DavidGomes1

The majestic PVG on closed moment during sunrise!
I coming for sunrise’s colors party the sky was full closed!
Somebody in this forum has demanded me to post this majestic bridje in B&W!
Dedicated specialy to my dear friend Miguel Silva!
Have a nice weekend!

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~ Blue morning ~ by DavidGomes1

Blue morning from Bridge Vasco da Gama, Lisbon-Portugal.
Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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~~The best (bridge) way…~~ by DavidGomes1

PVG- Ponte Vasco da Gama. The best way to imaginary! Enjoy!.

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