Opabin Plateau Larch Reflections by phillips_chip

Taken last fall with fellow members of photocascadia up above Lake O’Hara in Yoho National Park.
Many techniques used on this image are demonstrated in my editing videos.
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The way back is forward by Photocillin

Identical twins in a poppy field in Hampshire. Found this in the outtakes folder of my twins shoot. cropped it a little into a panorama. Hope you like it

Musicians, singers and all round beautiful people, Jesse and Layla Fraser
Make up by Alice Trudinger

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Astonishing Assinbiboine by ccollacott

This has to be one of my favorite locations in my home Province: British Columbia. Taken last year, this is a 3-row panoramic image, the original image almost 100 images in all. As you can see, the yellowing of the larches are at its peak.

I was very happy to be part of co-leading the OOAK workshop in Canada this year and look out for some more images of Assiniboine from the rest of the group!

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Lakeland Wanderings by elizabethgadd

Last week I experienced the beauty that is Garibaldi Lake for the first time… surprising, considering how close it is to my home. Can’t believe I had never been there before, it is now one of my most favourite places in this world. Can’t wait to go back as soon as possible! 🙂

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Westminster Sunset by OnurCepheli

Finally captured a decent sunset of Westminster after numerous of failed attempts.
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British Symbol by JacksonCarvalho

Tower Bridge – London – City of Westminster
Photo: Jackson Carvalho
© 2015, All Rights Reserved

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