Light My Way by scottsmorra

The Milky Way and millions of other stars above a field of alpine wildflowers and Broken Top in the Three Sisters Wilderness of Oregon. It was an incredible experience watching the stars slowly move across the sky while being surrounded by this beautiful landscape. To me it seemed like the broad-leaved willowherb wildflowers were looking up and admiring the stars just like I was while capturing this image!

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Hope by MichaelBollino

Broken, then Hope

This image is dedicated to Jeff Swanson, a member of our landscape photography community who passed away a year ago after battling melanoma. Although I only met him in person once, his smile, easy going, witty nature struck me immediately. Days before his death he took the time (and energy) to create a comical image based upon an inside joke then posted it to my FB timeline. It cracked me up and truly made my day. Such a good dude. The world misses him.

To honor Jeff, consider making a donation to the : Melanoma Research Foundation

Or, consider buying a print from Jeff’s Website

Thanks, please donate, and Jeff it and be there!

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Divergence by Christina_Angquico

Sparks Lake, Deschutes County. Walter, my two pampered pooches and I got to spend the night out at Sparks Lake last week. I got blue bird skies so I just waited for the stars to come out. This is a two exposure blend.

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Return To Skull Island by BrianKibbons

Each year I take the long route via Tam Mcarthur rim to this location prior to the road opening to the official trailhead. The exact conditions I had hoped for unraveled at sunset after hours of fierce thunder and lightning. Please view on black. Props to my buddy Brian Adelberg for some helpful processing tips. If you get a chance to skype with him…do it! It was a game changer for me. Thanks for looking.

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