Moonset Halo by edwardreese

Captured the full moon setting behind downtown Manhattan on Christmas Eve. Foggy evening but when the sky opened up, a halo could be seen around the moon.

A 30 second exposure taken near the Brooklyn Bridge piers. Reflection enhanced in post.

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Manhattan under fog by dleiva

NYC Thunderstorm by edwardreese

A slightly desaturated version of a spring thunderstorm over Manhattan. Had a fantastic view of the approaching storm from up on the Manhattan Bridge. I remember being completely soaked about five minutes after my frames were captured.

This is five blended images from that evening. Three for lightning and clouds, one for the buildings, and one extra long-exposure for the water.

-Found some nice lightning hidden inside what I originally thought was a way too over-exposed image. Amazing how flexible camera RAW can be to save an image.

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Bridge to Gotham City by edwardreese

Was experimenting with post-processing techniques on a classic view of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline. Ended up with a dark and moody “dark Knight” look at the end. Hope it’s not too over-cooked.

This three-image panorama view was taken at sunset from the cove in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Used a 6-stop ND filter and exposure times were around 15 – 30 seconds. Reflection added in Photoshop.

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Blue Hour on the East River by edwardreese

Went out to try and to catch the sunrise over the city skyline yesterday morning. The sun rises furthest to the north this time of year, so was hoping for something a little different. The weather didn’t cooperate though, and cloud cover eventually blocked the moment I was looking for.

But at least the blue hour view was nice. This is a three-shot pano of the Manhattan Bridge taken near Jane’s Carousel in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Exposure time was near 60 seconds.

This is one of two images from yesterday morning. The other is a dawn pano taken about an hour after this one. It can be viewed here..

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