Manhattan under fog by dleiva

NYC Thunderstorm by edwardreese

A slightly desaturated version of a spring thunderstorm over Manhattan. Had a fantastic view of the approaching storm from up on the Manhattan Bridge. I remember being completely soaked about five minutes after my frames were captured.

This is five blended images from that evening. Three for lightning and clouds, one for the buildings, and one extra long-exposure for the water.

-Found some nice lightning hidden inside what I originally thought was a way too over-exposed image. Amazing how flexible camera RAW can be to save an image.

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Brooklyn Bridge at dusk, Manhattan, New York by dleiva

USA, North America, New York City, Manhattan, Downtown Manhattan, Panoramic of Brooklyn Bridge at dusk

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Bluehour View of NYC by brownfieldj

Thanksgiving holiday was fabulous. We spent the week in and around Manhattan taking all the standard NYC images and looking for our own unique view of this amazing area.

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