Let’s take a break. by mosmerabsamii

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Come on friends !!! I can photograph other things too, can’t I? I’m sure you understand that making any still life takes a lot of thought and work and imagination. A break is needed to clear ones mind and do something fun and enjoyable like photographing flowers.

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MULTICOLORI‚Ķ Veronica by magdaindigo

Veronica longifolia
Long-leaved Speedwell

This plant is attractive to bees, butterflies and birds
Slender, upright spires of white, pink and blue tubular flowers appear in summer above cream-edged, mid-green leaves. This elegant speedwell shows a good resistance to mildew and will add vertical interest throughout a sunny border on well-drained soil. If cut back after the flowers have faded, it may produce a second flush in late summer or early autumn.

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“Laughter in the Rain” by RCNaturephotos

A New Day A New Life by paulbarson

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