Hard At Work by DianiRalph

The early morning sun filtering through the yet to be finished nest of a weaver bird was one of the very first photos that I took with my new camera !! The males spend ages building their nests, then have to entice a female to come and inspect it !! If the nest is not to her liking in any way, she will simply fly over to the next male to inspect his nest. Sometimes a male will build up to 20 nests before being accepted as a proper home maker !! Tough love !! 🙂

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Roman Pool Reflects……. by jvphoto

Hello My Dear friends,

How are you doing? Feeling great to post here again 🙂 This is “Roman Pool”, part of Hearst Castle, California. I really love the art work on this and fine details. It is very nice place to visit. This place is a true example of a man who lived his luxury life.

Please click on the image to view with black screen background.

Have a fantastic weekend, Cheers…

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