Liffey in the rain by intrepidphotos

A classic perspective on Liffey Falls. Fortunately it was raining lightly when I took this shot which is why there is such soft even light in the forest. Liffey Falls is nestled within cool temperate rainforest on the slopes of the Great Western Tiers and forms part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. Tasmania, Australia
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Silhouette Elephant and mahout by Santiphoto

Silhouette Elephant and mahout at sunset

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Mysterious forest by tronin

Mysterious forest in the morning mist

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Giraffes by Starlight by markg

My favourite thing to do at Mara Bushtops in Africa, was to go on a night time game drive. It was quite a surreal experience really. The vehicles are fitted out with a special filtered spotlight so it doesn startle the animals when shone on them, and also an night vision camera. Now being an astrophotographer, I had a certain goal in mind, and that was to capture the wildlife under the night sky. It certainly isn the easiest thing to do, as you need an animal that is big enough to show up in frame, and they need to be standing still for at least part of the exposure time.

We decided giraffe would be the be subject for this photo, so we went out on to find some willing participants. As we found out finding giraffe isn the easiest thing to find at night, but after driving for around 30 minutes, we finally came across a herd. But this herd was a little reluctant to stand still, and every time I put my camera over the side of the truck to get a shot, the giraffes moved on. Finally about another 30 minutes later, we came across another herd that were out in a grassy plain. These giraffes were a lot happier to stay still and one was even sitting down in the grass. Ever so carefully trying not to disturb the giraffes, I lowered my camera and tripod over the side of the truck to get a shot. They seemed curious to what we were doing, and to my amazement, the giraffes stayed relatively still for the entire exposure of the shot. I managed to get 5 shots, and this one was the best of the bunch with all giraffes, except for the one on the left, staying perfectly still for the entire exposure.

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Land of Carpets by vojtaherout

If you want to visit South Moravia on Photographic Tour, visit website for more information!

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A Bit Tipsy by JaniceMarieMcgregor

This Gulf Fritillary…(Agraulis vanillae) was sitting so perfectly for me to get a close-up (Macro). I couldn’t believe how beautiful and stunning this Butterfly was and that it was just sitting there Sipping the nectar from the flower as someone sitting on a bar stool sipping there beer. So I called it “A BIT TIPSY”

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