Church on the Perch by hpd_fotografy

One of the many churches perched on the edge of the cliff in Santorini, Greece.

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Dark Aether by alexnoriega

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PLEASE view on black, indoors! The Aurora Borealis does a rare dance over Oregon’s Crater Lake during a recent geomagnetic storm. I found myself shooting here on a clear night with a friend, and as we fired off some Milky Way exposures just for fun, we noticed pink and purple encroaching on the edge of the frame. Realizing it was the aurora, we raced over to what I believe to be the best available north-facing composition to capture it.

Not satisifed with the quality of the land in the ISO 3200 exposures, and having lost my remote shutter release earlier that day (thus limiting me to 30-second exposures), I opted to shoot the exact same land composition at twilight at ISO 100, and blend it with the aurora sky exposure in order to achieve a cleaner result.

I would say this was a sight to behold, but it was actually barely visible to the eye – I could see the pillars of light at about the same intensity as the Milky Way, but no color. The camera, however.. it picks up some mad color over the course of 30 seconds.

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