Glowing Peaks of the Rockies by FrannzMorzo

Glowing Peaks of the Rockies

Another version of Canmore mountain shot, a glowing peaks taken during sunrise. This place is very picturesque in the morning.
Located in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Canmore is your ideal base to all your wilderness adventures and sightseeing tours. I’ve been to this place for a couple of times now and the lights in the mountain are exceptionally breathtaking. I called it my landscape home and playground..

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Sunrise on Assiniboine by manuel_secher

I took this shot just before heading back to the parking lot going through wonder Pass. The 30 km return were absolutely gorgeous but long and difficult.

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liminality by ViktoriaHaack

It was a damp morning in Canmore, Alberta, I was hoping for sunrise alpen glow on the mountains but unfortunately rain stopped play. I was about to pack up my equipment when a beautiful rainbow showed itself for a couple of minutes.

In many cultures the rainbow represents a liminal transitionary bridge between this world and the spiritual world.

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Season’s Clash by Odyssey-Photograpy

Taken a few moments before my shot titled “change” and un cropped here you can see where Fall is meeting early winter in kananaskis country. located just outside Canmore Alberta and nestled in a provincial park here is a shot at spray lakes with some pretty awesome reflections ๐Ÿ™‚ hope you enjoy

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Sunrise Selfie at Quarry Lake by ryan_kole

The other week, I forced myself out of bed… To think… I almost slept through this…

My camera was mounted to my demonic tripod… I don’t often take selfies… Can anyone really blame me? It was a great way to start my days off and any morning in general really!

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