Misty Sunrise by ryan_kole

This is another one I took last week… It was a great way to start my day and days off. It truly was an amazing sunrise at Quarry Lake in Canmore.

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Change by Odyssey-Photograpy

That time of year where the oranges will soon turn to whites. Here is a shot taken in kananaskis last week during my time off hope you enjoy the cloudy reflections as much as i do.

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Good Morning by ryan_kole

Fresh from my memory card…

First off, I am very thrilled to have woken up at 5:36am. This is why haha. This is Quarry Lake in Canmore.

It was a great way to start the day and my days off!

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Misty Sunrise Black and White by ryan_kole

This is another one from sunrise the other day.

This is Quarry Lake in Canmore. For obvious reasons, I was obsessed with that ominous looking cloud haha. I remain quite happy with the decision to drag myself out early haha.

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Rail Road by ryan_kole

A throw back from my four days off…

We kind of picked a direction and went to see some cool stuff. Before we knew it, we ended up in Exshaw on train tracks haha.

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Misty Sunrise at Quarry Lake by ryan_kole

I took this maybe 20 minutes ago haha.

This was sunrise at Quarry Lake in Canmore Alberta this morning. I’m very pleased I decided to drag my tired self out of bed and went for an early morning adventure.

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Spray Lakes Panoramic by ryan_kole

I took this several months ago.

I was feeling really tired after work but I still dragged myself out to Spray Lakes. I was certainly glad I did.

Moments after I took this, the wind killed the reflection. I was in the right place at the right time.

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Invisible Sun by AlisterBenn

A year ago, my wife and I spent 6 weeks in the Rockies. I’ve posted some of my images from Assiniboine over the past months, but this one from Canmore was today’s choice to process.

More and more these days I feel I have to want to work images. I can’t just wake up and say, “Ok, today I need to work an image” – it is more “Yeah, today I’m going to work an image!”

This only applies to portfolio work, as I have utility images for workshops, tours and ebooks ongoing.

The first snow had just fallen the day before.

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