no second chances by dgadventurespnw

another one from 2011. probably the place I will miss the most when i move, hands down – even though I will visit this place a few times a year even when i move. My wife and I made an agreement. I’ll move so she can go to grad school, and I can visit this majestic land every so often, oh and shoot with my partner in crime, Brian Kibbons

this was taken with my 1Ds, and I so wish I could go back in time. there are a lot of errors i made on this when shooting. Perhaps one day i will get something like this again at Rainier. I used to have the mindset that “eh, I’ll just come back and get another shot sometime”, especially with subjects close to home (waterfalls, beaches, etc). As i have gotten older, i have realized that nothing is promised, ever – especially “tomorrows”. Just live in the moment and enjoy it!

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