“Awaking” (at 6 Mile Bend) by MarkMetternich

Post Processing Video Tutorials
Taken hand held, side by side a private workshop client at a unique SW gooseneck location about 500-600 feet down. 

Single Exposure

Sony A7R2

Canon 11-24@11mm


320 ISO

1/50th sec

Minimal Adjustments


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“Incoming” (at 6 Mile Bend) by MarkMetternich

Post Processing Video Tutorials
Please CLICK ON THE IMAGE for extra sharpness.
You are looking about 1500 feet (457.2 meters) down into a canyon and at an incoming mega monsoon electrical storm, about 3 miles (5 kilometers) away just before it slams into 6 Mile Bend. I hardly had time enough to pull off about 4 series of bracketed exposures before having to run for cover.

A friend of mine leads fishing tours down below and next years “Chasing Monsoon Light” Workshops may include an extra day touring the lower canyon below. 

Single Exposure

Sony A7R2

Canon 11-24@11mm


200 ISO

1/160th sec

Lightning Trigger

Minimal Adjustments


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The full story for those who may be interested:

After spending several weeks in this location scouting and shooting, looking for some special locations and dramatic conditions, I was half way down in the canyon (the canyon here is about 1200 -1500 ft) when I heard a very deep rumbling sound in the far distance. I paused for a moment to see if it would repeat. After it did, I checked the wind direction and then I knew another potentially violent thunderstorm could be on the way. The real question was if I could climb all the way out of the canyon in time to get back to my preferred composition and then to my rig so I could take much needed shelter. 30-40 minutes later, as I reached my rig, armageddon was just beginning to approach the area. My impulse was to dive into my rig (especially after being knocked down by lightning a week earlier on the North Rim) but the other part of me knew there may be an unusual photo opportunity to be had. With my gear on my back, I ran several hundred yards including some modest scrambling to this position and I was greeted with a scene that honestly intimidated me. This monster storm you see (at about 2 miles away – in this photo) was heading straight toward me and I knew it would be on top of me in a minute or two. With my lightning trigger on my cameras hot shoe mount, I set up in less than 45 seconds, shot off about a dozen images, including several lightning strikes, then I RAN back to my rig and dove into it as fury slammed the area.

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Just a Peek by BryanSwan

Peekaboo Canyon was actually a little bit anti-climatic for me. It was the first of the three slot canyons I visited in the Escalante area, but the light was absolutely horrible at the time I got there, so it was put on the back burner in favor of nearby Spooky Gulch instead. On the way out, we swung back to Peekaboo via the upper entrance to avoid the “oh, guess what, you’re out of shape” scramble up from the bottom of the canyon, and by then the direct light had shifted to a subtle, cool glow from the rim of the canyon that ended up casting some rather unique color on certain shaded portions of the bedrock. I’m still not entirely convinced I didn’t just underexpose too much, but I’m pretty pleased with the result, even if it did end up a little too exaggerated.

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Curvy Textures of Antelope Canyon, Arizona by PatrickMarsonOng

Upon seeing tons of amazing photos of this place from fellow hobbyists, Antelope Canyon baecame one of my must see and visit place if I ever get my self to visit the US again.

Located on Navajo land, east of Page Arizona, Antelope has been a top-rated tourist destination for sightseers and photographers. It gets crazy crowded almost all the time. Good thing that the only access to the canyon is via Navajo Nation’s authorized private tour companies. Can’t even imagine the traffic of people visiting if its open to the public.

We had the pleasure of joining AACPT – Adventurous Antelope Canyon Photo Tours. Got their awesome two canyon deal, Rattlesnake + Upper Antelope. Four hours of non stop photography guided by Roman, an awesome Navajo local guide! You know that your getting the best possible way around the canyon with an “express vip pass” when you enter from the end of the canyon and hear these words coming from your guide:
“Give way for my photographers”,
“You have to move to the end of the canyon”,
“Make way sir, make way”,
“Sir, stop! My photographers are still shooting”,
“You have 3 minutes to shoot guys, i will hold back the crowd”

Oh and we were also greeted by an amazing 4 minute “hoop” dance by a local before starting the tour! Amazing!!!

If you ask me, I prefer the Rattlesnake canyon more than the Upper Antelope. Maybe because we had the place to ourselves, but the tight curves of the Rattlesnake, where you need to squeeze your self into is like an opening to a whole new world for me. Truly an amazing experience guys. These canyons are must see place before you die. I will definitely be back for those light beams on summer!

Cheers guys! Hope you’re havin a great weekend!

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Inferno by MikeOlbinski

I’ve made quite a few trips to the Grand Canyon this year and last, but never have I seen the color and sky like I did a week ago. I went up there of course hoping for lightning, which never materialized…but this blazing sunset was such a treat it made up for everything!

Someday I’ll get the storms I want over that place, but in the meantime…I’ll take a sunset like that!

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Scorpion in the Canyons by RossKyker

This is my fiancé she’s a circus performer, aerialist, contortionist and photography assistant 😉

Despite breaking her foot the week before we left on this trip to Arizona she still managed to hike 4 miles down into the grand canyon and back up, hiked through the Antelope Canyons and pulled off this beautiful pose! She’s a trooper so I had to feature her on here!

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