Sister and brother by SasinTipchai

Sister and brother bathing in cascade, Thailand

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Ascension by Jkboy_Jatenipat

Salto Grande was definitely the prime waterfall attraction in Torres del Paine National Park . The powder blue color of its waters from all the sediment embedded in the glacier-fed waters added to its scenic allure. The watercourse would eventually feed the gorgeous Lago Pehoe, which was one of the prettier lakes in the patagonia, Chile.

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Night Watcher by patrickzephyr

Sorry for the long delay in posting-Family Life, three daughters and shooting every chance I can have kept me away from editing but I have lots of new work that I’m really excited about and I hope to share some more soon. I know I have said this before but I have been exploring this stream for years and yet again I found a perspective I never thought to consider before. I was teaching a full-day workshop with a student and we decided to stop hear for a bit and experiment with long shutterspeeds before heading off to our sunset location and while my student was searching for compositions and setting up there tripod I turned around and spotted this composition. I took a few quick hand held shots with my wide angle lense for reference because I don’t lke to get lost behind my camera during a workshop. I went back a few times the following week at different times of day and captured a few images that I like. This is the first to make it to processing. I knew I wanted to do a night capture here, the challenges were 1) figuring out where I was going to be standing and how to get there in 10 seconds in the dark(my intervelometer died on me last week so I had to use the cameras 10 second delay) 2) focusing in the dark, and 3) staying dry and keeping my camera dry because the cascade is just off to my right and water is continuously splashing on me and the camera. Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate it!

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Asian sexy woman bathing by SasinTipchai

Asian sexy woman bathing in cascade, Thailand

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Oxygen by mathieu_rivrin


Le jura en automne est bien connu des photographes pour ses couleurs incroyables. Pour ne rien vous cacher pendant les 3 jours là bas, nous en avons pris plein les yeux avec des dégradés jaunes, orangés, rouges, verts fluos, et très saturés. Vraiment des atmosphères incroyables.
L’expert “forêt” du collectif, Philippe Manguin était complètement fou :).

Le Jura est également connu pour ses magnifiques cascades. Nous sommes ici aux cascades du Hérisson avec en arrière plan le Gour Bleu.

L’ambiance était sympa avec de la grosse bruine mais de la lumière juste derrière par moment, idéal pour passer un bon moment de photo en pleine nature !

NISI ND8 + NISI Polar HD VII + Porte FIltre Nisi

Bonne soirée à toutes et à tous et à très bientôt pour de nouvelles images- Mathieu Rivrin

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