Luminary Sonata by cwexplorationphotography

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Nothing too crazy here but I definitely love this lake and this was a pretty nice sunset after some intense thunderstorms; one of the best I’ve seen at this location.

Rattlesnake Lake, WA

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First Rays on Crater Lake, OR by srubey

I made this photograph on a chilly January morning in 2014, after snowshoeing along the crater rim and camping out the night before. A recent storm had dumped fresh powder across the area. The park ranger informed me that I was one of two people camped out in the entire National Park backcountry that evening…the silence was indicative of the solitude.

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Caldera Storm by alexnoriega

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A unique look at Wizard Island as a snowstorm rolls in over Crater Lake, Oregon. I reprocessed this old favorite of mine, which was in dire need of a tonal overhaul. Believe it or not, this was taken in late May a few years back. The snowpack was still so high that I was able to stand up above these trees and use them to frame the island – during the summer, they completely obscure your view of the lake! I can only hope the Pacific Northwest sees another winter like that one again.

I’d like to take this opportunity to announce one of two new upcoming workshops for next year, albeit unrelated to the image at hand: Alex Mody and I will be leading our Ultimate Northwest Tour in April 2016, covering the rugged coastlines, rainforests, waterfalls, and wildflower plateaus of Olympic National Park, Washington and the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon. More information can be found here.

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It Has Risen by TrevorAnderson

This is one of my autumn favorites. This image is part of a massive content update I hope to make to my website featuring a processing workflow I have found a good groove with. Hopefully I can stave off procrastination and busyness and bring this into fruition soon.I hope people in the northern hemisphere are out enjoying their autumn season.

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Light Shadows by cwexplorationphotography

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This was probably one of the coolest experiences I’ve had while photographing mist and clouds in the Central Cascades. The low clouds and fog were being driven up and over this ridge line while being back-lit by the high afternoon sun. The result of which yielded some amazing shadows and patterns in the fog and low clouds.

Denny Creek, WA

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Kulshan Fading by MichaelBollino

Kulshan Fading

The evening before a recent backpack into the incredible subalpine backcountry surrounding Washington State’s Mount Shuksan (images to come!), I made the trip up to Artist’s ridge, almost certainly the best bang for your buck drive up location in the entire Northwest. In one direction stands Mount Baker and the other Mount Shuksan. Anyway, views toward Mount Baker (Kulshan to Native American tribes) open up just a few hundred yards from the parking area. I scouted a few different comps but, to me, this one most closely resembled what it feels like to stand there in person. Shifting my mindset away from the compulsive need to search for dominate/ attention grabbling foreground elements to incorporate was refreshing. The image may be a little messy and unarranged for some but, for me, it’s precisely this unforced quality which acts to put forward the feeling of standing there in person, watching as the crescent moon and soft vibrant light fade away toward the west. Hope others enjoy as well. View it on black if you choose.

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Sun Catcher by cwexplorationphotography

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So I lost the original file from this one a few months back which gave me an opportunity to revamp it for an awesome project that I’m working on. Any who last flower season provided one of the largest Bear Grass blooms I’ve ever seen. Sun Top lookout provides amazing 360 degree views of Mt. Rainier and the Olympics but man it can be tough to find a decent composition without too much clutter. This was taken just as the sun was illuminating the slopes of the mountain and filtering through the Bear Grass which seemed to catch and amplify the ambient light. It really was pretty cool to see these flowers light up in a rich glow as the sun began to fade away. The amount of light you see here is what was actually occurring, I actually had to decrease the saturation a bit in some of the channels because the glow was just that strong.

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Hope you guys enjoy it!

Suntop Lookout, Mt. Rainier, WA


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