Nightscape Panorama in Toledo, Spain by Ivanferu

Panrámica de Toledo desde un punto menos habitual

Con portafiltros Lucroit y filtor hitech degradado de 3 pasos

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Mistyc love . . . by manubili10

Gracias por sus visitas y comentarios.

Thanks so much for your visits and coments.

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Monumental Toledo by jamesmorganphoto

In Spain last week, I decided to once again pay a visit to one of my favourite cities.The old town sits upon a cliff surrounded by the Tagus river (Tajo in Spanish and Tejo in Portuguese.) which eventually meets the sea at Lisbon. Have been to Toledo scores of times and always discover something new…

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Marital crisis – After storm comes the sun by carlos_santero

Marital crisis – After storm comes the sun
In Life there is no sun without storm
I shot this picture with the wonderful cheetahs in May this year (2015) in a private reservation here in Spain.
I spent 2 full days with the wonderful cheetahs and shot about 2000 pictures there.
This was one of my best experience with animals.
I was in the situation to study this wonderful elegant animals very close.

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Toledo by demiguel

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Albacete Fair. by FranciscoGarciaRios

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A view of the current “iron gate” of the Albacete (Spain) fairground popularly known as “Los Redondeles” (the circles) due to its characteristic and peculiar form of concentric circles, was built of white brick in 1974, replacing the original neoclassical that since 1783 and with several renovations, had been giving access to the fairground since then. Only two isolate pillars of that old original gate still remain, embedded in the wall of the outer ring on both sides of the lower doors. A replica of the old original gate is in “Los Jardinillos” park next to the “Paseo de la Feria” (promenade of the fair) leading to these emblematic Iron Gates.
At the top, crowning the main gate pediment, is the traditional “Pincho de la Feria” (Skewer of the Fair), a kind of symbol of the city, which by extension, has also lent his name to a pole which, in addition to holding the strings of lights that decorate the place during the holiday season of the fair, it also serves as a popular meeting point for many people.
Today September 7, once finished the opening parade of the Albacete Fair, will proceed, as is tradition, to the opening of this so-called Iron Gate of the fairground shown in the image. Once completed the ten days of the Fair, on September 17, it will be closed until next year.
“Feria de Albacete”
La actual Puerta de Hierros del recinto ferial de Albacete, popularmente conocido como “los redondeles” por su forma en círculos concéntricos, fue construida en ladrillo blanco en 1974, sustituyendo a la original neoclásica que, desde 1783 y con diversas remodelaciones, venía dando acceso al recinto ferial hasta entonces. De ella únicamente quedan sendos pilares empotrados en el muro del círculo exterior a ambos lados de las puertas menores. Una réplica de esta última se encuentra en el Parque de los Jardinillos, próximo al Paseo de la Feria que lleva al recinto.
En lo más alto, coronando el frontón, se encuentra el tradicional Pincho de la Feria, todo un símbolo de la ciudad que, por extensión, ha prestado su nombre también a un poste situado frente a él (fuera de la imagen), que, además de sostener las guirnaldas de luces que decoran el lugar durante las fiestas, hace también las veces de popular punto de encuentro de muchos albaceteños en Feria.
Hoy, 7 de Septiembre, una vez concluida la cabalgata de apertura de la Feria de Albacete, se procederá, como es tradición, a la apertura de la llamada Puerta de Hierros del recinto ferial que muestra la imagen. Una vez concluyan los diez días de Feria, el 17 de Septiembre, volverá a cerrarse hasta el año próximo.

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