Wild Nootka by AdamGibbs

Temperate rain forest on the coastline of Nootka Island. Old growth forest on the west coast of British Columbia sure has a wild feel to it. A bit of a tangled mess but I am happy with the results.

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North Creek Falls by matt-anderson

North creek falls, located on the hike to the “Subway” @ Zion National Park, Utah. A small water cascade flowing over the red sandstone. A grueling hike, but well worth it.

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Intruder by raygreenphotography

Not much snow on Mt. Hood nor much weather drama this time of year but Trillium Lake is always a favorite. This mallard duck decided to steal the show just as the sun dropped behind the hills and the water got calm. She positioned herself right in the middle of my reflection shot. Oh well thought you might enjoy the view anyway! Thank you for viewing, voting and/or any constructive comments!

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