BEAM ME UP SCOTTY by johnnymyrenghenriksen

Hi guys 🙂
Here is a shot from you from the insane 7th of october 🙂
Hope you like it 🙂
thanks for looking 🙂

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LOCO SKY by johnnymyrenghenriksen

Hi guys 🙂
This one is from last night 🙂
What a show we got 🙂
Thanks for looking.

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Astral Night by stianklo

PLEASE VIEW ON BLACK! View towards Makjeila, Senja Island. If you want the chance to explore Arctic Norway and Lofoten Islands in Northern Norway in particular, please check out for phototours/workshops + additional information, itineraries and more pictures. Tourguides are Arild Heitmann and yours truly. Book your spot today at Lofoten Tours Website and be sure to follow us at FacebookPersonal FacebookGoogle+TwitterInstagramEllo.

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10 Years by MarkMetternich

Post Processing Video Tutorials

This image has been 10 years in the making. I have been attempting it periodically since 2005 but weather conditions and a stubborn Marine Layer prevented success. Then I saw Dustin Wong get out there and get it done and I was re inspired to target it.

Over 3 days of attempts, including sleeping out on a high cliff for most of the night, I finally got what I was after. A 11mm (the new Canon 11-24mm) Vertical just as the Milky Way touched the tip of the massive sea-stack below. Few places I have ever been in my life compare to the sheer grandeur of this location. A couple weeks later I had the privilege of leading my Ultimate Pacific Northwest Workshop here where everyone agreed that this was one of the best places in the entire world, to stand, let alone take photos..

A 12 day MEGA Pacific Coastline Workshop/Tour is in the works and will be announced shortly. If you are interested in joining us, simply email me a request at to be on my Tour Announcement List, and receive free PDF brochures of my 2016 workshops. 

GREAT LIGHT to you! And thank you for looking. :)|

A huge shout out to Dustin Wong for inspiration and to friend and photo processing extraordinaire Alex Noriega for help processing this image.

”4 Bends in 4 Days“ Tour

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Adrenaline Nightshift by TrentBlomfield

The last weekend was a new experience for myself. I’ve never really stepped into the Australian outback. So I ventured with no real insight into it. I’ve now come to appreciate it. You are miles from anywhere and I did not have a care in the world. Simple things are extremely pleasurable – food, beer, coffee. The lack of communication with the outside world was refreshing. The lack of light pollution was pretty freaking great too. Time to get back out into this great country and explore some more.

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