Mono “CHROME” by AaronGroen

Taken on a stormy evening in Trent, South Dakota.
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Calm After the Storm by janpusdrowski

Definitely BETTER on BLACK!
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Second image of my recent trip to the German Alps. As many of you may know rain had a harsh grip on Bavaria the last 2-3 weeks. On my arrival at the 23th May it had almost rained for 2 weeks without end, so really not the best prospects to start a trip. Luckily the weather systems changed during my stay and finally the sun gained back it’s mastery at the 27th May. This shot was taken at the “Barmsee”, which is quite hard to photograph and to get a decent image of (at least in my experiance). Luckily on this evening everything worked out better as I was expecting it to be. The sun really got through and illuminated the clouds nicely, also the alpenglow and the reflection are just spot-on! So yeah, after all the adjustments I had to make during that stay (all of them due to bad weather) I am very happy to have this shot!

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