Candy Floss by eyeofalens

Candy Floss

Thought id share a boat image as they seem to be in flavor lately 🙂 Have shared other images from this magic evening last year over the Oresund. In fact I have a whole heap of them from that same magic evening that I have not shared. And as I like to experiment with different things as the learning curb progresses I try different things on these images.

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Majestic Brooklyn Bridge by MarcelLesch

Enjoy my latest Brooklyn Bridge Shot! 2 Minutes exposure and the lights are changing their colors – cannot explain, but seeing all these different colors on the bridge – makes me feeling happy!

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Chicago Glow by MarcelLesch

Enjoy this Chicago – nightshot! It was so amazing seeing all these lights turning on!

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Boston Glow by MarcelLesch

Have a look at this Boston Skyline picture! i´m here for two years and i love this wonderful city!

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A glimmer of hope. by mosmerabsamii

Please view black screen.
The consoldation of saying good-bye to someone you love is the glimmer of hope that someday that good-bye will be another hello.

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