No.361 – Wash by neilhamiltonphotography

Number 361 of my 365 photo challenge – A cross-processed and split-toned, long exposure, landscape image of the rocky coastline at Portknockie in Moray, Scotland just before sunset on a lovely, clear day.

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No.313 – Raindrops by neilhamiltonphotography

Number 313 of my 365 photo challenge – A split-toned, macro (ish) image of rain drops falling in to a puddle full of fallen Autumn leaves.

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Flowerland Scene by rusphotostudio

Flowerland Its always Nice Capture To Get You Eyes Into The Scene Hope The Best For Continue Change mY Course in This oNE Challenge .

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Having A Good Laugh by LindaEdgecombPhotography

My friend Wilco Westerduin’s challenge .his title..see this funny face, the eyes , nose and mouth in this Romanesque architecture .LOL .I hope it makes you smile.^_^ It is the Empire State Builidng spire in the upper right corner …thanks dear Wilco.and you all dearly my friends on here px.:-))

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No.227 – Harvest by neilhamiltonphotography

Number 227 of my 365 photo challenge – A split-toned, HDR, stitched, panoramic landscape image of hay bales on a recently harvested field casting long shadows in the late afternoon Summer sun.

This is a 15 shot image. A 5 shot, portrait orientation panorama with each of those images being a 3 shot HDR for detail.

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Magnetic Fields 2 by rusphotostudio

This Awesome Sunset Capture in my best Sensation Catalog In The Beautiful Discover,Episodes For Complete Thanks for Sto Bt My Gallery .:

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The Challenge by jeffclow

The Challenge…

I have seen a lot of moose in my time….but seeing this one up close and personal as he prepared to receive a challenge from a younger bull was the most heart pounding photo work I’ve done in a long time.

Let me take you to the moment.

We were standing about 30 yards away and the challenger was approaching from the left…and then this veteran started making grunt like noises that got louder and louder. The youngster then began making the same type of sounds.

They were communicating with an unmistakable tone…full of fight and determination.

There was a light rain and I was equally conscious of the people with me and I kept saying “stay by the SUV and be ready to jump in”… and “keep the doors open”.

The flight or fight adrenaline rush was kicking in and I felt it hard to hold the camera without shaking.

I’m trying to lock focus and watch the young bull with my peripheral vision while the drama is unfolding before me.

There is electricity in the air and my heart is beating so fast I believe I can feel it pushing my shirt out.

The young bull walks two steps closer. The veteran raises his head…

Talk about feeling alive….were you there with me for a second or two? I hope so.

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No.221 – Quiraing by neilhamiltonphotography

Number 221 of my 365 photo challenge – A panoramic stitch, landscape image of the Quiraing on the Isle of Skye in the Inner Hebrides.

The weather was awful so this was the best I could manage before all hell broke loose. 49mph gusts and very heavy, soaking rain that I could just do nothing to stop from getting in the way. Will have to revisit another time in better conditions.

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LightCreation Sublime by rusphotostudio

Welcome Back Beautiful Light Chase Reflect en everysingle detail of my favorite Beachj Always something to delet you sence really appreciate 😉

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The Black Sand And Rocks 2 by rusphotostudio

Beautiful Rocks an Perfgect Light Need For Contest this amazing Capture Hope the bvest for this One

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