Divergence by Christina_Angquico

Sparks Lake, Deschutes County. Walter, my two pampered pooches and I got to spend the night out at Sparks Lake last week. I got blue bird skies so I just waited for the stars to come out. This is a two exposure blend.

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Classic Tamanawas by Christina_Angquico

Straight forward classical view of Tamanawas falls on Mt. Hood Oregon. It was nice to get out and do a little hiking (I’ve had a little too many peanut buster parfaits this summer). The cutest thing happened to me while we were out. Some hikers asked me to take a group shot of them and the gentleman proceeded to teach me how to use the zoom function on his Canon slr. Made me smile:) Happy Tuesday.

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Breathe by Christina_Angquico

It’s been fun going through my archives and re-living the memories that are associated with them . I look at this shot for instance, such a beautiful place that you just want to breathe and take it all in. No one would ever know my frustration unless you were with me. It was so windy and I was cursing the cloud Gods . I must have taken 100 frames hoping at least one had no flower movement. As I reflect on this memory, I think of my husband who witnessed me take shot after shot cursing the sky and how crazy he must think I am to be in a place this gorgeous and to be aggravated that the conditions are not what I had hoped for. How frustrating for my husband who drives me to all these scenic views and then has to listen to me gripe about wasting gas and not getting that perfect shot. I asked him why he does this and I know that he is about to say that he does it out of love. He says : When the conditions come together and your working away, you have this smile on your face and you do a little dance. You look up from the camera and out at the scene so overjoyed, but you always take a deep breath to soak it all in. Those are the precious seconds that make it all worth it for me . (pause to let reader say “awe”) So with this in mind , I am going to make a conscious effort to quit complaining , count my blessings , enjoy my company and my surroundings no matter what I am doing. Yes, I do realize I had this epiphany on a Sunday (the day before work ). Happy Sunday all, enjoy life!

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