Hood Dawn by MichaelBollino

Soft pre-sunrise color surround a craggy sub-summit of Mount Hood. Took a bit of effort to hike to this spot on the mountain but it was well worth it in the end.

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With the Lights Out by MichaelBollino

A star-filled night sky rises over Mount Shuksan in Washington State’s North Cascades. I’d wanted to visit Lake Ann for more years than I care to remember. Luckily my family and I found ourselves with some time this past summer and quickly decided to finally make the trip happen. The trail’s four mile length and trailhead to destination beauty make this an ideal backpack for younger kids. Anyway, the image here made use of wide angle distortion to “pull” the mountain peak upward. Several exposures were used to complete the scene, all taken from the same spot within an hour and a half of each other.
Took some work to pull together in post but I’m fairly satisfied with the results. Hope you enjoy!


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Dawn by MichaelBollino

One of the most intense sunrises of my life unfolds over the still waters of Trout Lake. This is a bit different for me as it doesn’t include a clear, dominant subject. I usually shy away from processing and posting images that seem to push forward only conditions, light, or a intensely colored sky. For me, a strong geographic element is essential. Light, color, atmosphere are there primarily to complement the landscape feature, not to be a focal point itself. But then again, when you experience a sunrise like this is hard to resist bringing the image into the light of day. I know many may see this differently. I guess that’s the beauty of photography — everyone is free to approach it whichever way they’d like.

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Kulshan Fading by MichaelBollino

Kulshan Fading

The evening before a recent backpack into the incredible subalpine backcountry surrounding Washington State’s Mount Shuksan (images to come!), I made the trip up to Artist’s ridge, almost certainly the best bang for your buck drive up location in the entire Northwest. In one direction stands Mount Baker and the other Mount Shuksan. Anyway, views toward Mount Baker (Kulshan to Native American tribes) open up just a few hundred yards from the parking area. I scouted a few different comps but, to me, this one most closely resembled what it feels like to stand there in person. Shifting my mindset away from the compulsive need to search for dominate/ attention grabbling foreground elements to incorporate was refreshing. The image may be a little messy and unarranged for some but, for me, it’s precisely this unforced quality which acts to put forward the feeling of standing there in person, watching as the crescent moon and soft vibrant light fade away toward the west. Hope others enjoy as well. View it on black if you choose.

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Streaking at Elakala by MichaelBollino

First, I just want to say thanks to all of my new followers who have come onboard since my last upload. I hadn’t expected such a bump since I’ve been fairly inactive as of late, but I’m grateful. It’s been a busy summer so far: five weeks of travel along the east coast and throughout Ecuador, followed immediately by a backpacking trip into the Cascades. I’m just now weeding through and processing images which I’ll be releasing in the coming weeks.

Shooting along the east coast is both a rare and special experience for me. Even though virtually my entire adult life has been written in Oregon, my roots run deep in the Appalachian Mountains. This past June I finally had the opportunity to visit Blackwater Falls State Park in West Virginia, a place I’ve been hankering to see for years now. The first thing I noticed when I dipped down to Elakala Falls was the foam streaking downstream of the falls. It took about two dozen or so exposures before finally captured the triangle pattern you see here. The brownish tones in the water are a result of the high concentration of tannins in the water, as the creek drains bogs in the West Virginia highlands. My son aptly named it “Rootbeer Falls”…kind of works.


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Rasta Blues by MichaelBollino

I had a spare hour this morning so decided to process this image from a few seasons ago on Mount Rainier. Really want to explore this area again during dense fog. Processing is cool and dark to accentuate the erie mood of the morning. Enjoy! Oh yeah, please click the image to see it on a darker background — so much nicer!

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Viva Last Blues by MichaelBollino

From last summer with Paul Bowman and Justin Poe while exploring the famous flower fields of Mount Rainier. I actually bumped into Art Wolfe the evening before. I felt so bad because, as usual, I was running up the trail chasing the light which looked like it might go off when I ran into him. After a quick hi and exchange of info, I kindly excused myself because I didn’t want to miss the show, then took off up the trail. My hurried exit was for all for nothing as the clouds, which seemed so promising before, descended over the Tatoosh range. Wish I had a redo. I would have loved to talk to Art more since his work has always inspired me and was a catalyst for my getting into landscape photography. Still kicking myself over that one….



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