46/52 Cobweb by FedericoSciuca

Stay tuned. Tomorrow night I’ll upload my last work , one year after the picture that gave me a lot of satisfaction ! 🙂 I’m very excited! (I’m late with my week project)

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Galactic game by Vahlenkamp

An early morning dew hung heavily on the vegetation. Spider Webs which usually are not particularly visible, now shone full of sparkling water droplets.
A wonderful interplay of water and silk. Yes, silk. I did not know it before, but it’s actually made of floating silk coming out of the body of a spider. These silk fibers then immediately solidify, and obtain a greater tensile strength than hardened steel (with the same thickness).
The other astounding is the water invisible inherent characteristic; Surface tension. The main reason for droplets not to burst, but continuing to hang. When one came right close into this unique interaction, it looked almost like a sparkling miniature micro cosmos. Fascinating!
But where had the spider gone? I’m not sure, but I suppose it sat hiding somewhere, waiting patiently for the droplets to evaporate when the sun later rose.

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