Vermilion Colors of Horseshoe Bend, Arizona by PatrickMarsonOng

A must stop on our IT, the famous Horseshoe bend. Spent a couple of days in Page Arizona for antelope canyon and this iconic location. Horseshoe bend is located along HW89, just few minutes south of Page AZ. Thirty minute walk from the parking lot, a grand and majestic view awaits!

Classic sunburst sunset shot, nailed it! 😉 First time to see so much visitors plus a looooot of photographers with tripods lined up on the edges of the lookout point waiting for the sun to set. Amazing!!

We decided to check this place out again on a sunrise. Strange that we were the only ones there morning. Either this place is not known to be shot on sunrise or everybody’s still enjoying their beauty sleep. lol!

The 25% cloud cover forecast turned into 80% Woooot! So here’s something from that awesome morning, enjoy!

**View in black**

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The Beginning of the End by DaniloFaria

“Never too old, never too bad, never too late, never too sick, to start from scratch once again.” Bikram Choudhury
Last grasp for sun shining through clouds at the Grand Canyon National Park after a storm. Thank you all so much for your feedback and visits, I appreciate it very much! 🙂

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As the Storm Breaks by TerraPhotographica

As the storm breaks at sunset, a winter wonderland is revealed in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area at Horseshoe Bend. The 2015 New Year’s snowstorm dropped 5 inches of snow on the Navajo Sandstone, with snow falling into Glen Canyon along the Colorado River. Along the rim of Horseshoe Bend, the snow made the footing treacherous and the edge hard to determine.

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Horseshoe Bend by john-win

Horseshoe Bend, Page, Arizona, USA: Taken during my roadtrip some weeks ago.

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Grand Canyon by john-win

Grand Canyon, South Rim: Taken during my roadtrip some weeks ago.

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