Colored Living by markleeman

The colored houses of Reitdiephaven. I visited this spot one time before, on a evening during summer. At that time I noticed that light could be very attractive during a winter sunrise, when light illuminates the houses from a entirely different angle.

So, I wanted to visit the houses again. I had a good opportunity last weekend, hoping for good weather conditions. It turned out to be perfect. Barely any winds, clear skies with some light clouds passing by every now and then. I decided to take the excact point of view I had during my summer visit, curious of the differences produced by a different angle of light and some light clouds in the sky.

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A Crack Of Light by Brains11

I didn’t have high hopes that day when I took off to Kinderdijk. It was dark and raining but since Kinderdijk is only a short drive for me I was hoping things would improve in the evening. Luckily it did with some gaps in the clouds during golden hour. The sun did find it’s way through the thick clouds to give some beautiful light……

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Red Avadavat by Natureimages

I hope you will enjoy it.

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A Golden Touch by Brains11

Typical golden hour scenery at Kinderdijk (Holland). As if an orange/golden finger touches the windmills one last time before the sun dies and blue hour kicks in…….

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Eruption by Brains11

Sometimes cloud formations can be overwhelming. This visit at Kinderdijk (Holland) I experienced this fantastic cloud formation during golden hour. It almost looked like a vulcanic eruption…well ok …..a very, very small one 🙂

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