Warrior of the grassland – Please vote on the link by anupdeodhar

Hi friends , please check the link below for my nominated Image at BBC wildlife photographer of the year 2015 NHM London – peoples choice “Warrior of the Grassland” please vote and for it by entering your name and mail id only if you like the image 🙂 would also appreciate if you could share the link ,Thanks for your support !!!
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Flow by DanielJGreenwood

Please Read.. And view on black!

Its been a few years now since I took my very first landscape image or used a camera for that matter…Sometimes I look back at my older images from a few months ago and think to myself “what the F$@^! was I thinking!! I learn now how easy it is to fall into that rather large social media trap..And more recently learned how much of a negative impact it can have on a person or there vision. This is something I learned first hand and how I am slowly moving out of that phase, back to when I enjoyed the scene for myself more then for the crowds. For the next few months I will be embarking on a journey to witness natures beautiful moments, I will be changing a lot and evolving as far as my vision grows and also refining processing techniques to a more natural sense. . Thanks everyone that has inspired me so much this past year.

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Waiting for the Night. by MattiaBonavida

Waiting for the Night at Passo San Pellegrino, in Val di Fassa, northern Italy.
Awesome place in the nature, sourrounded by the Dolomites!

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Midnight Express by P-ANilsson

Been working like a dog this week, now its editing time for sending images to the Orvis Spring Catalogue. What do you guys think should this fit? Have a great weekend and cheers in the best of Borbouns!!

Ps. Best seen on black bakground in large size Ds

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